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Engineering Design
Engineering Design

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KIEFEL KBM Infusion machine
Established 1989

Product Design Firm Based in India

Family owned, traditional business, led by an chain of traditional engineers with more than 30 years of experience in custom-solution development.

Currently entrusted by ISRO, VSSC, LPSC and many other Govt/Non-govt organizations in India and international companies such as KIEFEL (Germany), TCGlobal (USA) as well as NXP (Netherlands) with their designs. 

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Project Planning

Good project planning for seamless integration

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Produce and sell better quality product than your competitor.


Get certified from ISO, OSHA and many other with improved systems

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Turnkey, manageable facility with negligible bottlenecks.

Manpower reduction

Reduce manpower and increase manpower retention

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Initial Design Consulting are absolutely free of cost



Bespoke automation innovatively designed and manufactured to suit the exact needs of our clients. We specialise in the assembly of special purpose machine building, implementing bespoke automation solutions from food and drink to medical device.

Industrial Design Services

Our design team works alongside our product engineers to develop beautiful concepts that are manufacturable and meet your business requirements.
Support areas

Support Areas

Industrial Design to Engineering Design

With reference to the Industrial Design (ID) we create the Product BOM and understand the kind of components on the first hand Based on the kind of components such as plastic component, sheet metal, die casting or machined, we design the component as per the manufacturing feasibility. We create the assembly file and create EBOM (Engineering BOM) for the product. We create ID as it is and design the complete product w.r.t Manufacturing, structural strength, durability and cost.

Feasibility Study

In the New Product Development, the product technical and commercial feasibility to be checked to validate the idea interms of business success We support both in Technical feasibility by carrying out POC (Proof of Concept) and Commercial Feasibility by doing Business Field Analysis (BFA) and Market Study We also develop the basic functional design and test it by developing simple prototye in quick times.

Industrial Design to Engineering Design

Product Concept is derived based on the key funtions and assistive funtions/sub funtions. We create the product concept considering the overall functions and how each sub functions are related. We do not make Industrial Design but basic architecture of the product placing the internal components and prepare the inputs for Industrial Design, We also bring the clarity on the ovreall product size, critical aspects to consider, key fuctionary BOMs, and budgetary cost.

Detail Engineering Design, Components & Assembly Design

Designing of components based on the Engineering standard practice and customer guidelines, make it with respect to FOS (Factor of Safety) by selecting proper material, preparing the design to withstand the required force, and manufacturable Detailed drawing and BOM is created to have a clear documentation on the component and assembly design We create the design in CAD and also upload/release the parts in ERP and PLM systems (Documentation release process).

Proto sample development and testing

We have good connect with local vendors for getting the prototype developed in 3D printing, SLA/SLS, FDM and CNC machining on Aluminium or Plastic. We assemble the proto componets in our lab and carryout basic funtional testing. We also develop the required fixtures and tools to carry out the testing if required.Some testings are carried out in the external lab to get better hold on the design and to see anything to be changed before getting to Tooling phase. We also support in tooling including the soft tooling, hard tooling, vertical moulding, etc.

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Initial consultations are completely free. Lets hang out with our industry expert of your choice and lets build a solution that suites your needs.